Administrative and Financial Matters

Our school as earlier mentioned is a member of the Central Educational Council of the Archdiocese of Great Britain. 

It is also recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Lifelong Learning (YPEPTH) which provides us one teacher and books. 

Furthermore it is recognised by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus which provides us books and other teaching staff.

Finally it is recognised and receives grand by the City of Nottingham Supplementary schools Education Department. As a result, it is inspected by the appropriate department of Nottingham Council every year, to ensure that fulfils the specifications set by the City Council. It is worthy to be mentioned here that inspection reports have always been excellent.

However due to the increased expenses of running the school, there are some fees (currently £85, 00 per pupil per term.  Concession prices are available for siblings and those who attend midweek classes only.