Greek school of Nottingham re-opens, after the English Easter holidays, on Saturday 13th of April 2013

Our Greek school annual dinner and dance (Apokria party) will take place on Sunday 3d of March at Greek restaurant Emilios in Arnold at 4:30 pm.  Tickets are on sale at school at 20 pounds for adults and 10 pounds for children. 

For tickets or to book a place please contact any member of the school committee or headteacher/class teachers in the church or at school.

Christmas celebration Sunday 16th December 2012

 This is a really important event in the school year.  We hope that everyone will be able to attend to watch our children perform and help towards our fundraising in any way possible.  We desperately need volunteers on the day; in addition to donations of food for the buffet table and raffle prizes.


  • Christmas Hamper - Buy a square for a £1.00 will be available in reception.  Please hand in DONATIONS OF CHRISTMAS THEMED FOOD OR DRING by Saturday 15th December
  • Donations for raffle – Please hand in reception by Saturday 15th December
  • Buffet-Please signup to bring a platter of food on the celebration day

 The Greek school of Nottingham School committee

  • Presentation Day

On Saturday June 30th on the occasion of the end of term and school year certificates, awards & reports were presented to students by the Headteacher Mr Iordanis Paraskevopoulos and the priest of our community father Vasileios,  

Τhe event included an on screen computer presentation regarding the history of the Olympic Games presented by the Headteacher, and a play from school pupils titled “The Olympic Circles”. A nice play/dancing activity from the Reception class pupils – inspired from the Greek Aliki Vouyiouklaki movie “Η Αλίκη στο ναυτικό”-- followed.  

At the end coffee, tea, pies, sandwiches and cakes were offered to parents and pupils by School Committee members.  Also a ruffle ticket sale with nice gifts took place. The event was very successful as parents and members of the community have had the opportunity to see children’s progress.

  • Saturday July 7th – School Trip

Despite the rainy weather recent conditions this years’ school trip took place at Sherwood Pines Forest Country Park.  It was a nice opportunity for children & parents to enjoy the facilities / surroundings available.  A communal picnic & games (Football, Rounders, and Bike Races) were organised

  • END OF SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012

Τhe Greek School Committee and the teaching staff of the school wish everyone “NICE SUMMER HOLIDAYS”   

The Greek School Committee would like to update you on these forthcoming events and hope you will be able to attend and support our attempts to encourage our Greek-Cypriot identity, culture and ethos.


  • Saturday May 26th May 6.30pm    Church Hall, Derby Road.  Social Event

An evening for families & friends to socialise; a children's film will be shown and everyone to bring a plate of food to be shared. Tickets £5 per adult and children FREE


  • Saturday June 30th 12.30pm – 2.00pm Presentation Day

This is an important end of term activity.  Certificates, awards & reports will be presented.  This year the teachers will be organising the event with an Olympic Theme.  The following donations would be greatly appreciated as it is hoped that everyone will attend to celebrate and share in our c hildren's achievements and raise funds for the school. 

- Non perishable foodstuffs and items to be placed in a hamper (not out of date please) BUY A SQUARE £1.00

- Raffle Prizes

- Food for Buffet


  • Saturday July 7th – School Trip

The trip this year will be at Sherwood Pines Forest Country Park.  There will be an opportunity for children & parents to enjoy the facilities / surroundings available.  A communal picnic & games will be organised but parents will be expected to make their own travel arrangements to and from the park.

-GO APE / FOREST SEGWAY is also available ( however there are height and age restrictions. 


The managing committee of the Greek school of Nottingham would like to thank the parents, pupils and teachers who participated in the Apokria party.  We hope you've all had a nice time.

However we would like to express our special thanks to some parents for their donations regarding the food such as burgers, sausages and chips as well as donations related to raffle-ticket gifts and preparation of the event: They are Maria Biondi, Barbara Demetriou, George Vasileiadis and Patricia Christochides.  Also special thanks to DJ George Nicolaides for his time, effort and nice music      

We'd also like to remind you that the school will celebrate the national days of 25th of March 1821 and 1st of April 1955 on the 25/03/2012 in the church hall after the Holy Service

 The Headteacher

 Iordanis Paraskevopoulos


The Greek school of Nottingham managing committee decided to participate in the fundraising event which is organised by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Great Britain aiming to help people in need in Greece as a result of the financial crisis

This will be done through:

1. A money collection box which will be located at the reception hall of Djanogly City Academy every Saturday (starting from this Saturday 17/03/12 until the Saturday 31/03/2012), and

2. The raffle tickets sale during the celebration of the 25th of March in the church hall on Sunday 25/03/2012

The amount of money collected from the above occasions will be given to the main committee who in turn will send them to the Archdiocese of Athens in Greece  

The school committee would like to thank in advance all parents/carers for their help and co-operation

On behalf of the Greek school of Nottingham managing committee

Iordanis Paraskevopoulos

On Saturday the 11th of February our school will be having its Apokria party (fancy dress party).  It will take place in the Church Hall at 6.00 pm.  A DJ with English and Greek music is invited.  Also burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks will be prepared by the school committee members for all kids and parents.  Parents can also bring their own drinks if they wish. Best dress contest with award will take place.

Tickets will be available every Saturday from school reception or committee members at £5.00 for adults and £2.50 for kids.


After the successful Christmas presentation in the church hall and the Christmas holidays, we’d like to inform everyone that second term midweek classes start on Tuesday 3d of January 2012 and Saturday classes start on the 7th of January 2012.

This year’s Christmas presentation will take place at our church/community hall (184 Derby Road, NG7 1NF) shortly after the end of the Holy service, on Sunday the 18th of December 2011 at 2.00 p.m.  All parents, children and other members of community are invited to attend it and see the progress of our children.  Greek school pupils will act plays, say poems and of course sing the carols.  At the end of the presentation Ayios Vasilis will give Christmas presents to all kids. 

Important Notice

As the school are organising the tea of the church congregation for that day we’d like to remind parents that cakes and sandwiches are more than welcome and appreciated.  Please refrain of bringing meat products as this day falls in the Christmas fasting period.      

The head teacher and the school committee thank parents and carers for their co-operation and support and wish everyone Marry Christmas and a happy new year.