Evaluation and Qualifications Provided

1. Internal evaluation

Each term students sit in evaluation tests which take place in all classes.  The grades of the tests, the overall attendance and the participation in the other activities of school during the term, as well as the ethos that students demonstrate in school premises, are all taken into account towards the production of students’ reports, which are delivered to their parents, during specific parents’ evenings, at the end of each term.

Also at the end of each school year a “Title of Progress” is provided to all pupils.  In these the completed as well as the next level/class are mentioned.

Moreover in a special ceremony at the end of school year specific awards for the best -- in various subjects and activities – students, are granted.  The decisions are made by each class teacher separately.

In the same ceremony the best student of all school is rewarded.  Here the decision is made by all the teaching staff of school again on the basis of attendance, participation, progress and ethos.

2. External evaluation

The older students of the school have the opportunity of taking part in national examinations at higher level (such as GCSEs and A Levels), as Modern Greek is included in the UK curriculum as an optional part of the general subject Modern Foreign Languages.

Our school is Examination Centre, officially recognized from Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and conduct examinations under the Examination Board EDEXCEL.  Our examination centre number is 28357. 

It is well known that the specific qualifications can be used for the entry of students in the British universities in combination with the grades from exams taken in their mainstream school.