Management of the School

The school is managed by:

1.  The school committee. Its members are elected by the pupils’ parents.  Its members are pupils’ parents as well as other members of the Greek Community with an interest in educational matters.  Furthermore a member of the school committee is by right the priest of the church. The membership number varies between five and twelve members.

2.  The secretariat of school committee.  It is composed from the Chairman, the Vice-president, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The above members are elected directly from the school committee members.

Our school conforms to all rules and conditions as set by the Local Authorities and the UK government.  We’ve been awarded with the Silver Award of the National Resource Centre Quality Framework scheme. This shows that a supplementary school has all the policies and procedures in place to run safely and effectively.

3. The headteacher.  He/She is employed and appointed by the school committee.