Aims Of The School

According to its constitution the aim of the school is to introduce and reinforce children’s cultural and linguistic identity through the teaching of the Greek language, History and Culture and therefore help them to raise their self-awareness and self-esteem.

More specifically amongst its aims are:

  1. the teaching of the Greek language and history, as well as the teaching of Greek culture and Christian Orthodox religion
  2. the maintenance of the Greek identity for the students of Greek origin
  3. their preparation so that the students participate actively and equally in everyday life and activities as citizens of the United Kingdom

For those who are not of Greek origin but attend our school either because they are interested in Hellenism, or because they are related with individuals of Greek origin, the aim of the school is to bring them closer with the Greek culture and traditions through the teaching of Greek language and history.    

For more information regarding the school aims read the “Statement of Aims” as it has been submitted in the Quality Framework scheme of the Nottingham City Council.