Classes and Curriculum

The following classes run each year:

  • One Reception class (ages 4 to 6 years old)
  • Three Primary Classes: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3
  • Three Secondary Classes for those who wish to take GCSE, GCE (AS Level and A Level) examinations.
  • Three Adult classes

The School follows the official Syllabus of the Greek and Cypriot Ministries of Education which is provided to all the Greek Schools in the UK by the Greek and Cypriot Educational Missions that are based in London. Course books and other teaching material, are distributed to children free of charge and they come directly from the Greek and Cypriot Ministries of Education. This material is very rich and modern and specifically designed and produced, in order to meet the needs of children of Greek origin who live in the UK. The subjects that are taught are:

  • Greek language
  • History and Culture
  • Greek and Cypriot traditional Dances
  • Religious Matters (by our community's priest)
  • theater and Greek music

All school activities are connected with the National and Religious days, which are all celebrated at the Community Hall, after the closest Sunday's Holy Liturgy (see annual and daily school schedule). These school presentations are always successful and they are always a nice opportunity for children and adults of the community, to meet each other.