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The school is managed by:

1.  The school committee. The committee members are elected by the pupils’ parents every two years. Members of the committee can be the pupils’ parents or members of the Greek Community with an interest in the matters of the school. In accordance to the school's constitution, the priest of the Greek Orthodox church is a member of the school committee ex officio. The membership number varies between five and twelve members.

2.  The secretariat of the school committee.  The secretariat is composed by the Chair, the Vice-chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the committee.

The current school committee members, elected by the parents in December 2022 for a two-year tenure are:

  • Ilias Alexandrakis (Chair)

  • Ismini Kasinou (Vice chair)

  • Sotiris Korosis (Treasurer)

  • Stella Britzolaki (Secretary)

  • Anastasios Papanastasiou (Secretary)

3. The headteacher. The headteacher is employed and appointed by the school committee.

The school conforms to all rules and conditions as set by the Local Authorities and the UK government. We’ve been awarded with the Silver Award by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education. This is awarded to supplementary schools that have all the necessary policies and procedures in place to run safely and effectively.

The school  is a member of the Central Educational Council of the Archdiocese of Great Britain, and it is recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports. It is also recognized by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus which provides the school with books and two members of teaching staff. Finally it is recognized by the City of Nottingham Education Department as an official supplementary school.

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